Don’t You Know!? Adults & Children Need Mental Health

About one in four individuals and one in ten children may experience mental health issues in a confirmed year.
This can have a profound effect on the lives of tens of millions of people in the UK and affect their ability to maintain relationships, work or simply a day’s work. However, there are still negative attitudes and misconceptions about mental health, which makes it difficult for some to find support. It is estimated that only a quarter of people with mental health problems in the UK are currently receiving treatment, while the vast majority of people are struggling with mental health problems by themselves. , seeking information or assistance, and dependent on friendly support from family, friends and colleagues. How can we challenge this?

We are facing this stigmatization through events. Facts help us understand patterns of mental health problems, causes and solutions. Events help us break through the barriers of seeking help and support. We have created an updated Base Database that aims to deliver it to as many audiences as possible.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is “Mental Health in the Workplace” FROM THE WORLD FAMILY MEMBER OF THE WORLD “Mental Health in the Workplace” is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017 and the World Mental Health League calls on everyone to join as a member of the Health Day. Mental world this year. About one in 4 adults experience intellectual health problems, but stereotypes and discrimination are a main barrier to stigma and loss of exceptional of lifestyles. For people with mental health problems to live up to their dignity, ask each member of society to contribute together. This calls for us to act in the community and, most importantly, within the place of work. About one in five people revel in intellectual health problems inside the workplace, whilst many employers are growing policies to help wholesome body of workers. No one cares about health. mental at work. Therefore, we must have a vision, to start discussing in order to identify the best action plan to improve mental health in the workplace and to form a broad coalition to promote the implementation of the to reduce negative attitudes and discrimination, and to empower individuals to improve their mental health and dignity.

This central issue is based on the World Bank’s recent identification of mental health as a Global Priority for Development, recognition of mental health that seriously impacts on economic development and prosperity. of the country. The annual worldwide cost of intellectual fitness issues is estimated at $ 2.5 trillion and is anticipated to rise to $6 trillion by 2030. Employment issues are very important in driving the recovery – for individuals, communities and nations. However, it’s miles expected that up to 80% of human beings with severe intellectual infection are unemployed, whilst 70% of them need jobs. In the United States alone, it is estimated that major mental health disorders have cost the nation at least $ 193 billion a year. In addressing these issues, it is imperative to link the involvement of businesses, employers, lawyers, legal advocates, unions, mental health providers, family, service users, and others to create meaningful jobs for people with mental health problems.

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